Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: WireTree

While you can find plenty of shops on Etsy where the seller is very good at one specific art or craft, you can also find a good number where the seller has two or more distinct arts or crafts, and is very talented at both forms. Etsy Seller WireTree, also known as Beth Goss, is one of the latter category. While I was first drawn in to her Etsy shop by her gorgeous photography, I soon found myself looking at her jewelry selection as well. I almost never switch the pairs of earrings that I wear each day, but looking at some of the earrings available at WireTree is beginning to make me think differently about that choice.

Beth originally hails from New York, though she has lived in other parts of the United States before choosing to settle down in the Seattle area. Like many Etsy sellers, she has many other obligations and interests outside of her crafts. In her case, she had been interested in jewelry making for quite a while, but that hobby had fallen by the wayside as the rest of life got in the way. As Beth accumulated a large number of pieces of jewelry that she had made, she found Etsy and was delighted with the ease of setting up a shop there. Photography was another hobby, which she also discovered had a potential to sell well on Etsy, so she has been adding more of her photography to the shop as well.

My favorite thing about Beth's jewelry is the way in which she shapes the wire into little spirals and curlicues. Many of her earrings are very simple affairs, with just a single bead on each earring, but the spirals and curlicues draw your attention to the painstaking precision and elegance of each earring. She also uses this style on some of her necklaces, while others are more traditionally beaded strands. I also like the abstract designs of her pendants, again echoing the simplicity and elegance of the earrings--just a few beads sprinkled into the design, while the wire does most of the "talking."

Beth's photography similarly shares the simple elegance of her jewelry. Nearly all of her photographs are of natural scenes--trees, flowers, and beautiful sunsets are among her most common subjects. There is nothing elaborate to the scenes that she photographs, but the pictures come across beautifully. Matted and framed, these photographs would make an amazing addition to any room of the house.

If you fall in love with Beth's work, but want something just a little different from what she has available in her Etsy shop, she is happy to accept custom orders for jewelry. She is currently experimenting with some new sterling silver earring designs, so there will certainly be more new things to see at WireTree in the near future.

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Kayce said...

Great blog. I love Wiretree's work as well! I'm a big fan of her photography!