Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm a happy customer! (Etsy Product Review)

(a.k.a. No, I did not buy glittery brown sugar...)

Since becoming a seller on Etsy, I've also been a regular buyer there as well. Most of what I've bought has been things that I can't make myself, or things that I think will make good gifts for my friends and family members. I've always been really pleased with the items that I bought for myself, and those I have sent things from Etsy have told me they were pleased as well.

Yesterday, though, I think I got the yummiest smelling package ever. I used to buy a lot of homemade soaps and lotions and things from people who were local to Carbondale (or nearby), but since I moved, and they don't sell online (!), I've had to look for other options. I also discovered not too long ago that I'm very fond of salt scrubs, and so I'm always looking for new ones to try.

So yeah, yummy smelling package! The package was from Bradli, and it included some soap samples and a salt scrub that I had ordered from her. Well, I opened that package up right away, and dove immediately for the salt scrub. I opened it, and realized that although it wasn't what I had been smelling, oh my goodness it smelled even BETTER than yummy smelling soap!

I don't know enough about soap making, scents, or essential oils to pinpoint exactly what smell I've fallen in love with, but I don't really care. This stuff smells amazing, and I can't wait to use it! (Unfortunately, I got a stupid paper cut on my finger last night, and thus didn't want to stick my hand into salt this morning. Sometimes, I am awake enough to make coherent decisions at 6 a.m. :) )

The soaps all smell delicious as well, I should point out. I got a sample pack, and didn't request any special scents. So far, I've tried kiwi (really nice and subtle, but still fruity smelling) and peppermint grapefruit (surprisingly good combination... I was leery at first on this one). I've got four more to try, which I'll probably save until the first two samples run out. One of them smells like pumpkin pie, so that one will definitely get used this fall! :)


Kayce said...

I've marked the shop as a favorite so I can go back to it for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the new shop!

Cynthia said...

Great work.