Friday, August 10, 2007

An update on my upcoming articles

I've sent out questions to people who expressed interest in having me write an article about their shop. Of the ones I've sent out (right around a dozen), I've gotten five back so far. I've managed to write one of the articles out of those five, and hope to finish up a few more articles over the weekend.

Right now, I've got that one article submitted to Associated Content, and I am awaiting their response. The waiting part is one of the difficult things about Associated Content, for me, because I tend to be pretty impatient. (And yet I've made three full sized afghans, and countless baby afghans... hmmmm...)

I am waiting, however, because I would really like to have the articles both here and there, as I suspect they will reach two vastly different audiences if I can "cross-post" them like that. And reaching two audiences equals more sales for my featured sellers, and perhaps more sales for random Etsy sellers that people stumble across by looking at Etsy after reading my articles. Win-win situation, if you ask me. :)

So if you're horribly impatient for something to read, might I direct your attention to a couple of craft-related articles that I've already written?

Tips on Making Your Own Cheap and Easy Valentines (a seasonal article, but it could also be used to jumpstart some ideas for other holiday cards as well)

How to Make Coordinating Christmas Stockings for Your Family (after all, it is about time to start thinking about Christmas crafts, right?)

Making Your Own CD Cover (hey, this one is good any time of the year!)

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Rekoj said...

Loved the Valentine article! This year I got together with friend of mine and we rented a couple movies, gathered ALL of the fun paper we could possibly muster and got to serious work. Together we made 50 valentines and it was the most fun ever!