Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: MoxieMadness

The irony of carrying around an iPod in a pouch emblazoned with a cassette tape is just the sort of quirky thing that appeals to those of us who remember the days when everything was released on cassette, and CDs and MP3s were only a glimmer on the horizon. For those who enjoy nostalgia of this variety, Etsy seller Priscilla Ziller, the creator of the nostalgic goods at MoxieMadness, has a wide array of screen printed items to remind us of the way things used to be.

Priscilla is a late-comer to the crafting world. Unlike many Etsy sellers, who have been making artistic things for as long as they can remember, Priscilla only began crafting about a year and a half ago. Her grandmother had tried to teach her how to craft as a child, but Priscilla says that her short attention span prevented any of these lessons from taking root. When she inherited her grandmother's crafting supplies, however, it was just the impetus necessary to get Priscilla started with crafting the items that would become the products of MoxieMadness. These nostalgic goods have been available on Etsy for just over a year, and have been very popular with shoppers there.

Most of the items that are available at the Etsy shop MoxieMadness are pre-made items which Priscilla screen prints with a variety of different images. In addition to these embellished items, she also makes some sewn goods, which are frequently dressed up with a screen printed image as well. The mix tape items are particularly big sellers at MoxieMadness, whether the mix tape is screen printed onto clothing, a sewn iPod pouch, or simply on a felt patch. Priscilla enjoys the screen printing process, saying "each time I press a design it's like magic, it blows me away each and every time. Especially with the baby gear, handling something so small overwhelms me with the cuteness factor." Whether her designs are screen printed on something for a child or for an adult, however, they are all beautiful in their simplicity, while still being practical items that can be used on a daily or regular basis.

For those who like Priscilla's designs, but can't find the exact combination that they want at MoxieMadness, Priscilla is happy to take custom orders as well. She says that some of the custom orders she has made have been for some amazing color combinations that she had not thought of previously. She can also screen print her existing designs and color combinations onto different sizes or items of clothing, so the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what you might find at MoxieMadness.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: VanDerHoekArt

Many people who go to school for an art degree end up working in a completely different field than that which they studied. Others make the decision to stick with art, even though it can be a difficult field in which to work. Etsy seller Kim VanDerHoek, who paints the original oil paintings found in her Etsy shop, VanDerHoekArt, has finally found herself in the latter category, while enjoying her other career as a full-time mom.

Kim has been an artist since she was very young, winning her first award for her artwork in first grade. She remembers being disappointed that she had won first place, because she wanted a trophy. The second place prize was the coveted trophy, but as the first place winner, she instead received boxes of oil pastels and watercolors. After continuing to create art as she got older, Kim earned a degree in illustration, and then worked in graphic design and as an art director--art related careers, to be sure, but not precisely what she studied. Her painting allows her to get closer to what she studied, while still allowing her to be a stay at home mom. She balances the demands of motherhood with her painting career through the help of an understanding husband, who makes sure that she can have some time to paint every Saturday morning.

Kim paints original Impressionist-style oil paintings, and uses a wide variety of settings as the inspiration for her work; beaches, mountains, and urban scenes are among some of those she has painted. She does most of her paintings "en plein air," outside of her studio. Though she can paint from photographs, she definitely prefers painting on location, so that the lighting and composition of the piece can be just right for what she wants to create. She does not take on much custom work for VanDerHoekArt, due to issues of logistics and her preference to work on location.

One of Kim's personal favorite pieces is "Spring in Peter's Canyon." She sees that painting as a personal milestone for her, a marked improvement in the quality of her work. She enjoys painting with bold brush strokes and utilizing thick paint, creating memorable paintings regardless of their subject matter. Since she paints outdoors, she often has passers-by who admire her nearly complete pieces of artwork, like "Swaying Palms," a painting of palm trees and a bluff that juts out into the ocean in Laguna Beach, California. The original "Swaying Palms" is available at her Etsy shop, VanDerHoekArt, as of this writing.

In addition to her original oil paintings, she also has photographic-quality prints of her paintings, which she offers as prints or on the outside of blank greeting cards. Offering both originals and prints at VanDerHoekArt allows Kim to sell items in her shop that will fit into several price ranges. She has been very pleased thus far to see that her original oil paintings have sold well on Etsy.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Etsy Product Review: Coffin Color

My roommate last year, Jesi, was totally into makeup, particularly eyeshadow. She has more eyeshadow than I thought it was possible for any human being to own. She is also REALLY good at using eyeshadow in creative ways, to get some truly amazing looks.

Now I've never been much into girly things, but Jesi rubbed off on me a little. I've started collecting all sorts of crazy colored eyeshadow, and I'm learning, little by little, on how to make it look pretty good on me. I definitely pale in comparison to her skills, but I'm learning.

The biggest problems that I've run into with eyeshadow, however, are justifying the expense, and getting it to stay on my eyelids for any length of time. However, I have found a solution to both of these issues: Coffin Color. I think Jesi would approve.

I ordered a sample pack of eyeshadows from these lovely ladies, and didn't ask for any specific colors, but told them a little about my own coloration: darkish hair, darkish eyes, and really pale skin. They sent me four colors in my sample pack, when I was only anticipating three, and all of them are wonderful for my coloration! I got Blackened Rose (a dark pink), Tequila (a bright yellow), Dead Flesh (a really bold green), and Gangrene (a subtle greenish-gold). Now granted, those don't all sound like the most appealing of colors, but I have a morbid sense of humor--I love the names!

Once I tried the eyeshadow samples, I was even more in love. Normal eyeshadow seriously just slides off of my eyelids within a matter of hours. This past Saturday, I put my makeup on at about 8 a.m. I got home from one event around 5, and the Coffin Color shades that I had used (Dead Flesh and Gangrene) were still as bright and vivid as they had been when I put them on. The other two colors I had used, which were mid-range priced name brands, had faded almost into oblivion. We then went over to our friends' house, and when we got home from there, around midnight, I could still see the Coffin Color shades, while the name brand eyeshadows were long gone. For those keeping track, that's 16 hours of bright and vivid color!

The prices for Coffin Color eyeshadow are also totally reasonable. I know I will definitely be heading back for more, probably even before I run out of these initial samples. There's so many more colors that I want to check out, and I think I need to send a sample pack to Jesi, too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: RosieMade

When decorating a young child's room, one of the more popular pieces to include in the room is some representation of the child's name. For those children with common names, there is a huge market for personalized store bought items. Whether your child has a more unusual name or a different spelling of their name, or you would rather find something handmade to display in their room, Etsy seller RosieMade can accommodate your needs!

Rosie Roberson, the artist behind the custom name paintings of RosieMade, is the mother of three children, and says that her children come first and her art comes second. However, she acknowledges that the two often get intermixed, with her children creating artistic things and with her taking inspiration for her artwork from her children. She herself has been making artistic things since she was a child, starting with handmade greeting cards. She eventually received a degree in studio art and has done commissioned portraits, landscapes, and now name paintings.

RosieMade is a relatively new endeavor, with Rosie's Etsy shop only having been open since August of 2007. Even in that short time, however, people have taken notice of the unique offerings of her shop, and Rosie has already done several custom name paintings. Nearly everything that she does is custom work, and she says that she enjoys doing the custom name paintings and using whatever tidbits of information she has to personalize the painting for the person for whom it was ordered. Sometimes she has only vague information to work with, but she still tries to use this to create a memorable piece of artwork for each of her customers.

While the custom name paintings are probably the most popular items in Rosie's Etsy shop, she also offers other paintings at RosieMade. Many of her other offerings also involve letters; there are "word search" paintings, which involve a jumble of letters, some of which spell out words. She will also do custom word paintings, with the letters spelling out a chosen word rather than a person's name. If your tastes lean towards non-word paintings, RosieMade also has Color Spots and Creature Paintings, both of which share the bright and vivid colors of her name and word paintings. Any of the items in her store can be custom ordered, so if you have a particular color scheme you want to use or avoid, Rosie can easily tailor her work to fit with your wishes.


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Ambika of (Into) the Fray

Some crafters truly have an eye for the unique and special. Etsy Seller Ambika, of (Into) the Fray, is one of those people. Regardless of whether she is working with repurposed vintage items or brand new materials, she can combine the elements she has to work with into beautiful one of a kind jewelry items and, as she calls them, "fabric sundries."

Ambika is a Seattle native, who enjoys crafting for (Into) the Fray as a way to escape the mundane. Although her day job subjects her to "cubicle world," she spends her spare time creating items for her Etsy shop. She has learned a variety of different crafts over the course of her life, from knitting and beading, to altering furniture and machine sewing. She began selling her jewelry and sewn items on Etsy about six months ago.

Ambika says that her earrings are among some of her best sellers in her Etsy shop, (Into) the Fray, and it is not surprising that they are. Her designs are elegant in their simplicity, while her wide array of colors and bead materials will appeal to an extensive range of tastes. Whether you prefer subtle, understated colors or bright, flashy hues, Ambika is certain to have earrings to fit your taste. In addition to earrings, she also creates beaded bracelets and necklaces, and braided ribbon bracelets. A number of her necklaces feature vintage pieces as the focal point, like her "Dolores" necklace, with its large, vividly colored flower, which was once a brooch. Some of the necklaces are elaborately beaded, while others are more simple affairs. As with Ambika's earrings, the bracelets and necklaces at (Into) the Fray are also sure to appeal to a variety of tastes.

If you're looking for something made of fabric, Ambika also has this area well covered with diverse choices. Most of the "fabric sundries" are purses or bags of one sort or another. Quite a few of these items are made from repurposed materials--sweaters turned into small purses, or a piece of bright orange vintage fabric sewn into a larger tote bag--the "Autumn Luau Tote." Ambika also makes embellished hoodies, starting with a plain hooded sweatshirt and dressing it up with fabric patches and eyelet lace. In a city like Seattle, where hoodies are widely worn, Ambika's embellished hoodies would allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are looking for personal decoration or a beautifully crafted practical item, Ambika's Etsy shop, (Into) the Fray, has plenty to offer. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, Ambika is willing to take on custom orders, searching out the perfect fabric or beads to make the item you imagine.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: LoteTree

Like many women, I have far more bath and body products than I could use in any reasonable amount of time. I love sampling all kinds of good smelling soaps and other shower products. I've been trying to cut back on my spending in this area, but there is one kind of soap that I simply can't get enough of--LoteTree soap. Etsy seller Jessica Booth is someone I met while I lived in Illinois, and I was pleased to discover that she had opened up shop on Etsy. So now, even though I'm many states away from her, I can still order some of my favorite soaps that I've ever used.

Jessica, who also calls herself "The Soap Mogul," tells a common story among crafters--her mother was a crafty person, so she grew up surrounded by supplies for arts and crafts. She remembers that while her mother was taking college art classes, she needed to spend some time in the studio, and took Jessica with her. Jessica was thrilled to get to play with the clay, and thinks that was probably the point at which the crafting bug really bit her. She began making and selling her own creations about 7 years ago, and started with making and selling soap 4 years ago. Her Etsy shop has been in business for only a couple of months, but already others are catching on to how wonderful her products are.

LoteTree soap is cold processed olive oil soap, and it comes in a wide variety of amazing scents. While my personal favorite at the moment is Almond Royale, there are so many other scents and mixtures that I want to try. There are plenty of scents which would appeal to women, as well as a number of more "earthy" scents that are suited to women or men. "Calcutta," for example, is one of these earthy scents with hints of both sweet and sharp. In addition, LoteTree offers salt glows, which are a recent obsession of mine. Their Dead Sea salt glow similarly combines a mix of sweet and sharp scents, sure to invigorate as it exfoliates.

For those who are less interested in bath and body products, LoteTree also offers natural vegan laundry soap. Jessica says that this product has been a popular one, which she attributes to more people becoming conscious of the need for natural cleaning products. The powdered laundry soap is lightly scented, so as to not make your clothing smell heavily of laundry detergent, and is made of natural products, safe for septic systems and regular water systems.

If you are in the Carbondale, Illinois, area, Jessica and her husband often sell at local craft fairs. They recently had their second child, so they may not be at as many craft fairs this fall as they have been at in the past, but those local to the area and all over the world can still find their wonderful soaps, bath and body products, and laundry soaps at their Etsy shop, LoteTree.

The Lote Tree
Country Goddess

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: AkHotDoggies

As many crafters know, those of us who have the crafty bug often can't help but alter the things we buy to our liking. In some cases, a crafter makes this his or her primary craft form--finding pre-made objects that can then be modified to make them more beautiful. Etsy seller Jodi Hughes of AkHotDoggies (Ak being short for Alaska) is one such crafter. Jodi finds pre-made textile items which she then hand-dyes or marbles, turning something ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

Jodi is originally from Chugiak, Alaska, but currently resides in Anchorage. She works from home in a very structured field, and uses crafting as an escape from the logic and order of her day job. Bringing creativity and originality into her world helps her to de-stress and calm herself while she works. Jodi has long enjoyed taking apart and re-creating purchased items, discovering that it allowed her to create what she was looking for out of reasonably priced components, rather than having to purchase expensive items. She began dyeing everything she could get her hands on, and eventually found a marbling kit. Though it took her some time to find the niche into which she best fit, she has found it now, and offers the results in her Etsy shop, AkHotDoggies.

AkHotDoggies offers a wide array of hand-dyed and marbled items. Some of the most common items are silk scarves, but Jodi has also dyed and marbled clothing for both men and women, and even a pair of sandals. These cloth-covered platform sandals have subtle coloring, but even that bit of marbled coloring makes them stand out from the ordinary. Jodi has also dyed and marbled other fabric accessories, particularly purses. One of these purses, a silk charmeuse bag, is particularly stunning in pink with purple and blue marbled swirls. Due to the nature of hand-dyeing and marbling, everything that Jodi offers at AkHotDoggies is one of a kind, so you can be sure that you will be the only person in the world to have the exact piece you choose from her Etsy shop.

Jodi is a very new seller on Etsy, but she has many plans to expand the offerings of AkHotDoggies. While she primarily has worked with textiles thus far, she plans to expand to other materials as well. She will be adding marbled paper in the near future, and hopes to have some success with non-textile items, though this is still in an experimental phase.


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: WorldOfWhimm

When I was a kid, we had a dress-up box that we kept in the basement. It was mostly "hand-me-downs" and garage sale findings from our parents and one of our grandmothers, but it was a great box to have when we needed a costume, whether for Halloween or just dressing up for fun. Kids love getting all dressed up in their costumes, and Etsy seller Kayce Quevedo, the talented hands behind WorldOfWhimm, offers plenty of imaginative costumes and costume pieces, as well as plenty of items for babies--burp rags, bib sets, and blankets, among other things.

Kayce has two children of her own, so she knows just how much kids love to play imaginative games, often fueled by the costumes they have available. Her mother was also very crafty, so Kayce has had craft supplies around for as long as she can remember. Since the time that she and her husband arrived in Washington, and he bought her a sewing machine, Kayce has been creating baby items for her own family and for friends with babies. She opened her shop, WorldOfWhimm, on Etsy in July, and has been offering her baby items and costumes to a much wider audience since that time.

The bulk of the items at WorldOfWhimm are items for babies or very young children. Kayce creates well-coordinated sets of quilts, bibs, and burp rags, and she offers these in enough colors to appeal to nearly any tastes. Whether you or a friend are expecting a boy, a girl, or have opted to not learn the gender of the child until he or she is born, Kayce will likely have one of these sets that will work. In her "Sailing Away" quilt set, for example, shades of blue and red predominate, but the nautical theme could be used for a baby of either gender. Other sets are more gender specific, but the array of colors and themes available offers plenty of choices. The sizes of the sets also ranges from a quilt set, including all of the above mentioned items, to the bib sets and burp rag sets, which only include one or two of these items.

Of course, the things most likely to catch your attention at WorldOfWhimm are the costumes. Whether you are just looking for a crown for a simple dress-up item or a birthday child hat, or would prefer to find something that can be used for a full Halloween costume or dress-up costume, Kayce has a number of choices to fill your needs. The crowns are soft and flexible, made of fabric, and can fit children within a range of head circumferences. The costumes are adorable, with tiaras and tutus for little girls, or animal costumes for children of either gender. Each of the costumes Kayce makes is one of a kind, as she does not use patterns when she sews. The costumes are also sized in such a way that they can fit a range of children's sizes and ages, making them great for a family with more than one child who will want to wear the costume.

World of Whimm
Kayce's World of Whimm Blog

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: UglyBaby

When you see a shop name like UglyBaby, you are almost compelled to look, to see why on earth someone would use a name like that. When you discover that this shop sells something called "Shower Art," few people can resist the urge to take a look. Etsy seller Rosalie capitalizes upon unique naming and product in her Etsy shop, UglyBaby.

Rosalie is a Seattle-area crafter who is involved in all sorts of interesting endeavors and projects. In addition to her Etsy shop Ugly Baby, she also runs a "trading experiment" called bARTer Sauce, where she takes unusual objects, which are sometimes artwork and sometimes just unusual, and offers them on her website to see what people will trade her for them. She started out with an old laptop, and currently has, among other things, a tombstone from 1867. She is also a comedian, and rides a folding bike. On the artistic side of things, she and her husband Doug create small pieces of artwork meant to be displayed in your shower.

The Shower Art at UglyBaby is waterproof art mounted to a suction cup, so that the art can really be displayed on any surface where a suction cup will stay stuck. All of the listings for UglyBaby Shower Art point out "we're not dictators," and say that you don't have to display your Shower Art in the shower. But the waterproof nature of Shower Art means that it is among the limited spectrum of art that you could enjoy while in the shower. Particularly for those of us who live in apartments, and don't get our choice of bathroom colors, shower art can be just the thing to liven up the bathroom.

Depending upon the specific piece of Shower Art you choose at UglyBaby, you may discover all sorts of interesting and funny objects embedded in the piece. Some of the pieces, like "Asian Pearl," simply have beautiful bits of shell, beads, and faux diamonds. Other pieces, like "Funny Kitty Cat," take a more whimsical approach and feature cartoon cats or other cute things. Some of the pieces are of a sort that you would display for all the world to see, while others might be the sort that you would take down when your mother is coming over--though that does depend entirely on your mother's sense of humor. Rosalie says that she really enjoys making Shower Art because she can create the artwork in layers, and then has to wait a few days before she can see the end result.

In addition to Shower Art, the UglyBaby shop also offers knitted brooches with skulls in the middle and Anarchy envelopes, which are made from magazine pages and then stamped with an anarchy symbol. She has plans to offer a line of tatertot cards soon. If you simply must have Shower Art, but want something very different, feel free to ask Rosalie. She once made a custom piece of Shower Art for a friend who had gotten his braces off--she put the braces into the Shower Art.

bARTer sauce
I Like Pretty

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: ArtByNorm

Most adults have moments when they long for the innocence of childhood. With Etsy Seller ArtByNorm's paintings, children of all ages can enjoy the whimsy and innocence of youth through once again. The brilliant colors and recurring themes of ArtByNorm's paintings are a delight to look at, and they can be shared through ArtByNorm's prints on greeting cards.

Perhaps the best explanation of Norm is in ArtByNorm's own words: "Norm is trapped somewhere between the innocence of childhood and the seriousness of adulthood. Norm always remains the same while the world revolves around him. Norm is a smirk in a world of sighs..." In the case of this Etsy shop, Norm is both the artist and the purported subject of the artwork. The artist Norm has been creating art for quite some time, but has only been selling this artwork for about a year. ArtByNorm has been selling on Etsy for the last three months of that time, and also has artwork featured in other online and brick and mortar venues.

The character Norm, the subject of ArtByNorm's artwork, is a featureless figure, looking very much like a small sphere atop an oblong shape. The interest of each of the paintings, then, is more in the details of Norm's clothing or the setting. "Pretend" evokes the fun of childhood dress-up games, when a child can become anything or anyone he or she desires, at least with the right costuming. Norm's crown and cape, atop otherwise normal clothing, turn him into a prince or king, at least in the world of make-believe. In other paintings, he is dressed as a gypsy, a clown, or a superhero. In those paintings where the setting becomes the focus of the painting, Norm might be depicted at the beach or many other settings.

Though the original Norm paintings may be out of the price range of some art lovers, ArtByNorm also offers prints and printed greeting cards featuring the same artwork. The greeting cards, in particular, would be a lovely way to both enjoy depictions of Norm and also to share him with your friends and family--after all, no one says that you can't keep one of the cards for yourself!

If you're in the Seattle area, and would like to see ArtByNorm's prints in person, they can be found at the ArtsWest Theater & Gallery, 4711 California Ave SW, in West Seattle, through September of 2007.

ArtByNorm on Trunkt

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Dancing Mooney

I am always a fan of Etsy shops that showcase a wide variety of craft types. I myself dabble in a lot of different types of crafts, and it is always nice to see that I am not the only one. Etsy Seller DancingMooney is one of these Etsy sellers who I admire, particularly for the diversity of types of crafts that she sells in her shop. In her shop, you can find beaded jewelry items, sewn handbags, collage art, and more.

Janell, the crafter behind the Etsy shop DancingMooney, has been dabbling with various crafts for as long as she can remember, and has even been interested in selling her crafts since childhood. She says that as a child, she used to make paper coasters, colored with markers, and try to sell them to her grandmother's neighbors. As an young adult, however, she originally sold on eBay before moving to selling exclusively on Etsy a few months ago. She has a wide array of items available in her DancingMooney Etsy shop, which allows her to offer a wide array of prices to fit any budget.

The majority of the items in Janell's DancingMooney Etsy shop are jewelry pieces of one sort or another, though these are predominantly earrings. Janell is fond of making earrings, but has also branched out to necklaces and memory bracelets. Some of her earrings are very simple, with just a charm or a few beads dangling from the hook, but she also has a few more elaborate pairs of earrings. Her bracelets continue in the simple theme of her earrings, while the necklaces are typically elaborate pieces with charms or pendants surrounded by a strand of varied beads. DancingMooney also makes wine glass charms which use similar beads to those found in her jewelry offerings.

In addition to the jewelry offerings at DancingMooney, Janell also makes sewn handbags in bright and funky fabrics. Several of her handbags are large enough to use as a market bag or a bookbag, offering considerable versatility for those who purchase these handbags. For those looking for a small piece of artwork to adorn their home, Janell has this covered in her DancingMooney shop in the form of collage art. Whether you are looking for an ACEO to add to your collection, or a small framed collage to hang on the wall, Janell has several cute and colorful options to choose from.


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Ethelcat

Many pet owners claim that they don't own their pets, but rather their pets own them. Most pets would generally agree with this sentiment, if they could speak. If you are looking for an item for your pet that lets everyone know who is the boss in your household, the Etsy shop Ethelcat, featuring items designed by Donn, offers a variety of hand-crafted pet feeders for both dogs and cats.

Donn is currently based in the Seattle area, but grew up in the Midwest, prior to becoming a traveling actor. While growing up on a farm, and also while traveling with theater companies, he learned how to use many carpentry tools and how to make interesting things with these tools. He later moved on to retail management, but retained his love for creating things. When he decided that he was in a rut, he reevaluated his life and decided to take some time off from the "real" world to focus on starting his own business. He has been selling online for a few months, and has been selling in his Etsy shop, Ethelcat, for just a bit less time.

Many of the pet feeders available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat feature mosaics of one variety or another. The "Retro Cat" collection involves brightly colored mosaic pieces, in shapes reminiscent of the 1950s and early 1960s. Donn also makes feeders inspired by the Art Deco style, and these are rendered in shades of black and white. His mosaics typically are constructed of pieces of granite, along with other stone pieces or ceramic pieces. All of the pet feeders available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat are both functional and stunning pieces of artwork in their own right. They would allow the discerning pet owner to have a feeding station for their pet or pets that can be a showpiece in their home as well.

Donn's latest project has been a series of pet feeders designed to look as though they were humans holding the bowl out for a pet. These "humans" are shown from a top down view, so the bowls still sit near the ground. The "characters" of this series include a waiter, a baker, and a maid. Though less elaborate than the mosiac pet feeders, this collection has an undeniable charm that is common to all of the collections available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat. Donn is also willing to work with a pet owner to create a custom pet feeder, whether the owner prefers a different color scheme or a likeness of their particular pet.

At Their Service

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Monday, September 3, 2007

State of the Articles

For those who have been anxiously awaiting the next Etsy Seller Profile, I thought I'd let you know how things are going on my end.

I'm actually completely caught up on the articles right now. I'm waiting on a response from one person before I submit the article on her shop, but I've finished all of the articles for people who have already submitted their answers. I've also submitted all but the above mentioned one to AC. Two of the articles have been approved and are awaiting publication, six more are awaiting approval.

In other words, I've got stuff lined up, just not quite ready to post here yet. So stay tuned, I'm hoping that things are going to get moving here very soon. I'm sure that Labor Day is the bulk of the reason why things have slowed down at AC.

In the meantime, if you've been thinking about sending in your answers, and haven't done so yet, now is the time to do it! I'm actually not backlogged at the moment!

And if you're interested in getting the questions in the first place, drop me a line at scarywhitegirl (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get those to you as soon as I can! Seeing as I usually have a window open for my E-mail at all times, except when I'm sleeping, it shouldn't take too long for me to get back to you! :)