Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Etsy Product Review: Coffin Color

My roommate last year, Jesi, was totally into makeup, particularly eyeshadow. She has more eyeshadow than I thought it was possible for any human being to own. She is also REALLY good at using eyeshadow in creative ways, to get some truly amazing looks.

Now I've never been much into girly things, but Jesi rubbed off on me a little. I've started collecting all sorts of crazy colored eyeshadow, and I'm learning, little by little, on how to make it look pretty good on me. I definitely pale in comparison to her skills, but I'm learning.

The biggest problems that I've run into with eyeshadow, however, are justifying the expense, and getting it to stay on my eyelids for any length of time. However, I have found a solution to both of these issues: Coffin Color. I think Jesi would approve.

I ordered a sample pack of eyeshadows from these lovely ladies, and didn't ask for any specific colors, but told them a little about my own coloration: darkish hair, darkish eyes, and really pale skin. They sent me four colors in my sample pack, when I was only anticipating three, and all of them are wonderful for my coloration! I got Blackened Rose (a dark pink), Tequila (a bright yellow), Dead Flesh (a really bold green), and Gangrene (a subtle greenish-gold). Now granted, those don't all sound like the most appealing of colors, but I have a morbid sense of humor--I love the names!

Once I tried the eyeshadow samples, I was even more in love. Normal eyeshadow seriously just slides off of my eyelids within a matter of hours. This past Saturday, I put my makeup on at about 8 a.m. I got home from one event around 5, and the Coffin Color shades that I had used (Dead Flesh and Gangrene) were still as bright and vivid as they had been when I put them on. The other two colors I had used, which were mid-range priced name brands, had faded almost into oblivion. We then went over to our friends' house, and when we got home from there, around midnight, I could still see the Coffin Color shades, while the name brand eyeshadows were long gone. For those keeping track, that's 16 hours of bright and vivid color!

The prices for Coffin Color eyeshadow are also totally reasonable. I know I will definitely be heading back for more, probably even before I run out of these initial samples. There's so many more colors that I want to check out, and I think I need to send a sample pack to Jesi, too.

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