Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: AkHotDoggies

As many crafters know, those of us who have the crafty bug often can't help but alter the things we buy to our liking. In some cases, a crafter makes this his or her primary craft form--finding pre-made objects that can then be modified to make them more beautiful. Etsy seller Jodi Hughes of AkHotDoggies (Ak being short for Alaska) is one such crafter. Jodi finds pre-made textile items which she then hand-dyes or marbles, turning something ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

Jodi is originally from Chugiak, Alaska, but currently resides in Anchorage. She works from home in a very structured field, and uses crafting as an escape from the logic and order of her day job. Bringing creativity and originality into her world helps her to de-stress and calm herself while she works. Jodi has long enjoyed taking apart and re-creating purchased items, discovering that it allowed her to create what she was looking for out of reasonably priced components, rather than having to purchase expensive items. She began dyeing everything she could get her hands on, and eventually found a marbling kit. Though it took her some time to find the niche into which she best fit, she has found it now, and offers the results in her Etsy shop, AkHotDoggies.

AkHotDoggies offers a wide array of hand-dyed and marbled items. Some of the most common items are silk scarves, but Jodi has also dyed and marbled clothing for both men and women, and even a pair of sandals. These cloth-covered platform sandals have subtle coloring, but even that bit of marbled coloring makes them stand out from the ordinary. Jodi has also dyed and marbled other fabric accessories, particularly purses. One of these purses, a silk charmeuse bag, is particularly stunning in pink with purple and blue marbled swirls. Due to the nature of hand-dyeing and marbling, everything that Jodi offers at AkHotDoggies is one of a kind, so you can be sure that you will be the only person in the world to have the exact piece you choose from her Etsy shop.

Jodi is a very new seller on Etsy, but she has many plans to expand the offerings of AkHotDoggies. While she primarily has worked with textiles thus far, she plans to expand to other materials as well. She will be adding marbled paper in the near future, and hopes to have some success with non-textile items, though this is still in an experimental phase.


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