Friday, September 7, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: ArtByNorm

Most adults have moments when they long for the innocence of childhood. With Etsy Seller ArtByNorm's paintings, children of all ages can enjoy the whimsy and innocence of youth through once again. The brilliant colors and recurring themes of ArtByNorm's paintings are a delight to look at, and they can be shared through ArtByNorm's prints on greeting cards.

Perhaps the best explanation of Norm is in ArtByNorm's own words: "Norm is trapped somewhere between the innocence of childhood and the seriousness of adulthood. Norm always remains the same while the world revolves around him. Norm is a smirk in a world of sighs..." In the case of this Etsy shop, Norm is both the artist and the purported subject of the artwork. The artist Norm has been creating art for quite some time, but has only been selling this artwork for about a year. ArtByNorm has been selling on Etsy for the last three months of that time, and also has artwork featured in other online and brick and mortar venues.

The character Norm, the subject of ArtByNorm's artwork, is a featureless figure, looking very much like a small sphere atop an oblong shape. The interest of each of the paintings, then, is more in the details of Norm's clothing or the setting. "Pretend" evokes the fun of childhood dress-up games, when a child can become anything or anyone he or she desires, at least with the right costuming. Norm's crown and cape, atop otherwise normal clothing, turn him into a prince or king, at least in the world of make-believe. In other paintings, he is dressed as a gypsy, a clown, or a superhero. In those paintings where the setting becomes the focus of the painting, Norm might be depicted at the beach or many other settings.

Though the original Norm paintings may be out of the price range of some art lovers, ArtByNorm also offers prints and printed greeting cards featuring the same artwork. The greeting cards, in particular, would be a lovely way to both enjoy depictions of Norm and also to share him with your friends and family--after all, no one says that you can't keep one of the cards for yourself!

If you're in the Seattle area, and would like to see ArtByNorm's prints in person, they can be found at the ArtsWest Theater & Gallery, 4711 California Ave SW, in West Seattle, through September of 2007.

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