Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Ethelcat

Many pet owners claim that they don't own their pets, but rather their pets own them. Most pets would generally agree with this sentiment, if they could speak. If you are looking for an item for your pet that lets everyone know who is the boss in your household, the Etsy shop Ethelcat, featuring items designed by Donn, offers a variety of hand-crafted pet feeders for both dogs and cats.

Donn is currently based in the Seattle area, but grew up in the Midwest, prior to becoming a traveling actor. While growing up on a farm, and also while traveling with theater companies, he learned how to use many carpentry tools and how to make interesting things with these tools. He later moved on to retail management, but retained his love for creating things. When he decided that he was in a rut, he reevaluated his life and decided to take some time off from the "real" world to focus on starting his own business. He has been selling online for a few months, and has been selling in his Etsy shop, Ethelcat, for just a bit less time.

Many of the pet feeders available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat feature mosaics of one variety or another. The "Retro Cat" collection involves brightly colored mosaic pieces, in shapes reminiscent of the 1950s and early 1960s. Donn also makes feeders inspired by the Art Deco style, and these are rendered in shades of black and white. His mosaics typically are constructed of pieces of granite, along with other stone pieces or ceramic pieces. All of the pet feeders available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat are both functional and stunning pieces of artwork in their own right. They would allow the discerning pet owner to have a feeding station for their pet or pets that can be a showpiece in their home as well.

Donn's latest project has been a series of pet feeders designed to look as though they were humans holding the bowl out for a pet. These "humans" are shown from a top down view, so the bowls still sit near the ground. The "characters" of this series include a waiter, a baker, and a maid. Though less elaborate than the mosiac pet feeders, this collection has an undeniable charm that is common to all of the collections available in the Etsy shop Ethelcat. Donn is also willing to work with a pet owner to create a custom pet feeder, whether the owner prefers a different color scheme or a likeness of their particular pet.

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VanDerHoekArt said...

Ethelcat is one of my favorites on etsy! If only I had a pet... I found your blog in the etsy forums. I'd love to be a featured artist. My shop is

Anonymous said...

Oh Fun! I'll have to check out her shop!! Thanks Dawn!