Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: LoteTree

Like many women, I have far more bath and body products than I could use in any reasonable amount of time. I love sampling all kinds of good smelling soaps and other shower products. I've been trying to cut back on my spending in this area, but there is one kind of soap that I simply can't get enough of--LoteTree soap. Etsy seller Jessica Booth is someone I met while I lived in Illinois, and I was pleased to discover that she had opened up shop on Etsy. So now, even though I'm many states away from her, I can still order some of my favorite soaps that I've ever used.

Jessica, who also calls herself "The Soap Mogul," tells a common story among crafters--her mother was a crafty person, so she grew up surrounded by supplies for arts and crafts. She remembers that while her mother was taking college art classes, she needed to spend some time in the studio, and took Jessica with her. Jessica was thrilled to get to play with the clay, and thinks that was probably the point at which the crafting bug really bit her. She began making and selling her own creations about 7 years ago, and started with making and selling soap 4 years ago. Her Etsy shop has been in business for only a couple of months, but already others are catching on to how wonderful her products are.

LoteTree soap is cold processed olive oil soap, and it comes in a wide variety of amazing scents. While my personal favorite at the moment is Almond Royale, there are so many other scents and mixtures that I want to try. There are plenty of scents which would appeal to women, as well as a number of more "earthy" scents that are suited to women or men. "Calcutta," for example, is one of these earthy scents with hints of both sweet and sharp. In addition, LoteTree offers salt glows, which are a recent obsession of mine. Their Dead Sea salt glow similarly combines a mix of sweet and sharp scents, sure to invigorate as it exfoliates.

For those who are less interested in bath and body products, LoteTree also offers natural vegan laundry soap. Jessica says that this product has been a popular one, which she attributes to more people becoming conscious of the need for natural cleaning products. The powdered laundry soap is lightly scented, so as to not make your clothing smell heavily of laundry detergent, and is made of natural products, safe for septic systems and regular water systems.

If you are in the Carbondale, Illinois, area, Jessica and her husband often sell at local craft fairs. They recently had their second child, so they may not be at as many craft fairs this fall as they have been at in the past, but those local to the area and all over the world can still find their wonderful soaps, bath and body products, and laundry soaps at their Etsy shop, LoteTree.

The Lote Tree
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Rekoj said...

Wow! You have been cranking out the articles! What wonderful Etsy sellers you are bringing to our attention. I want to hop over and get some of that salt scrub for myself come payday!

Dawn said...

Yeah, I got on a roll for a while, I think. :)

I have two more that I really need to write, and then my schedule appears to be clear... need more shops to profile! :)