Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: MoxieMadness

The irony of carrying around an iPod in a pouch emblazoned with a cassette tape is just the sort of quirky thing that appeals to those of us who remember the days when everything was released on cassette, and CDs and MP3s were only a glimmer on the horizon. For those who enjoy nostalgia of this variety, Etsy seller Priscilla Ziller, the creator of the nostalgic goods at MoxieMadness, has a wide array of screen printed items to remind us of the way things used to be.

Priscilla is a late-comer to the crafting world. Unlike many Etsy sellers, who have been making artistic things for as long as they can remember, Priscilla only began crafting about a year and a half ago. Her grandmother had tried to teach her how to craft as a child, but Priscilla says that her short attention span prevented any of these lessons from taking root. When she inherited her grandmother's crafting supplies, however, it was just the impetus necessary to get Priscilla started with crafting the items that would become the products of MoxieMadness. These nostalgic goods have been available on Etsy for just over a year, and have been very popular with shoppers there.

Most of the items that are available at the Etsy shop MoxieMadness are pre-made items which Priscilla screen prints with a variety of different images. In addition to these embellished items, she also makes some sewn goods, which are frequently dressed up with a screen printed image as well. The mix tape items are particularly big sellers at MoxieMadness, whether the mix tape is screen printed onto clothing, a sewn iPod pouch, or simply on a felt patch. Priscilla enjoys the screen printing process, saying "each time I press a design it's like magic, it blows me away each and every time. Especially with the baby gear, handling something so small overwhelms me with the cuteness factor." Whether her designs are screen printed on something for a child or for an adult, however, they are all beautiful in their simplicity, while still being practical items that can be used on a daily or regular basis.

For those who like Priscilla's designs, but can't find the exact combination that they want at MoxieMadness, Priscilla is happy to take custom orders as well. She says that some of the custom orders she has made have been for some amazing color combinations that she had not thought of previously. She can also screen print her existing designs and color combinations onto different sizes or items of clothing, so the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what you might find at MoxieMadness.


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