Sunday, September 16, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: RosieMade

When decorating a young child's room, one of the more popular pieces to include in the room is some representation of the child's name. For those children with common names, there is a huge market for personalized store bought items. Whether your child has a more unusual name or a different spelling of their name, or you would rather find something handmade to display in their room, Etsy seller RosieMade can accommodate your needs!

Rosie Roberson, the artist behind the custom name paintings of RosieMade, is the mother of three children, and says that her children come first and her art comes second. However, she acknowledges that the two often get intermixed, with her children creating artistic things and with her taking inspiration for her artwork from her children. She herself has been making artistic things since she was a child, starting with handmade greeting cards. She eventually received a degree in studio art and has done commissioned portraits, landscapes, and now name paintings.

RosieMade is a relatively new endeavor, with Rosie's Etsy shop only having been open since August of 2007. Even in that short time, however, people have taken notice of the unique offerings of her shop, and Rosie has already done several custom name paintings. Nearly everything that she does is custom work, and she says that she enjoys doing the custom name paintings and using whatever tidbits of information she has to personalize the painting for the person for whom it was ordered. Sometimes she has only vague information to work with, but she still tries to use this to create a memorable piece of artwork for each of her customers.

While the custom name paintings are probably the most popular items in Rosie's Etsy shop, she also offers other paintings at RosieMade. Many of her other offerings also involve letters; there are "word search" paintings, which involve a jumble of letters, some of which spell out words. She will also do custom word paintings, with the letters spelling out a chosen word rather than a person's name. If your tastes lean towards non-word paintings, RosieMade also has Color Spots and Creature Paintings, both of which share the bright and vivid colors of her name and word paintings. Any of the items in her store can be custom ordered, so if you have a particular color scheme you want to use or avoid, Rosie can easily tailor her work to fit with your wishes.


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whosthemama said...

I love the idea of fine art paintings for children. Using a child's name is a terrific way to show a child how to incorporate an artistic outlook into his/her life. And just looking at the artwork celebrating children's names on this website is a joy. What an exuberant and colorful approach to art!