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Etsy Seller Profile: UglyBaby

When you see a shop name like UglyBaby, you are almost compelled to look, to see why on earth someone would use a name like that. When you discover that this shop sells something called "Shower Art," few people can resist the urge to take a look. Etsy seller Rosalie capitalizes upon unique naming and product in her Etsy shop, UglyBaby.

Rosalie is a Seattle-area crafter who is involved in all sorts of interesting endeavors and projects. In addition to her Etsy shop Ugly Baby, she also runs a "trading experiment" called bARTer Sauce, where she takes unusual objects, which are sometimes artwork and sometimes just unusual, and offers them on her website to see what people will trade her for them. She started out with an old laptop, and currently has, among other things, a tombstone from 1867. She is also a comedian, and rides a folding bike. On the artistic side of things, she and her husband Doug create small pieces of artwork meant to be displayed in your shower.

The Shower Art at UglyBaby is waterproof art mounted to a suction cup, so that the art can really be displayed on any surface where a suction cup will stay stuck. All of the listings for UglyBaby Shower Art point out "we're not dictators," and say that you don't have to display your Shower Art in the shower. But the waterproof nature of Shower Art means that it is among the limited spectrum of art that you could enjoy while in the shower. Particularly for those of us who live in apartments, and don't get our choice of bathroom colors, shower art can be just the thing to liven up the bathroom.

Depending upon the specific piece of Shower Art you choose at UglyBaby, you may discover all sorts of interesting and funny objects embedded in the piece. Some of the pieces, like "Asian Pearl," simply have beautiful bits of shell, beads, and faux diamonds. Other pieces, like "Funny Kitty Cat," take a more whimsical approach and feature cartoon cats or other cute things. Some of the pieces are of a sort that you would display for all the world to see, while others might be the sort that you would take down when your mother is coming over--though that does depend entirely on your mother's sense of humor. Rosalie says that she really enjoys making Shower Art because she can create the artwork in layers, and then has to wait a few days before she can see the end result.

In addition to Shower Art, the UglyBaby shop also offers knitted brooches with skulls in the middle and Anarchy envelopes, which are made from magazine pages and then stamped with an anarchy symbol. She has plans to offer a line of tatertot cards soon. If you simply must have Shower Art, but want something very different, feel free to ask Rosalie. She once made a custom piece of Shower Art for a friend who had gotten his braces off--she put the braces into the Shower Art.

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