Monday, September 10, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: WorldOfWhimm

When I was a kid, we had a dress-up box that we kept in the basement. It was mostly "hand-me-downs" and garage sale findings from our parents and one of our grandmothers, but it was a great box to have when we needed a costume, whether for Halloween or just dressing up for fun. Kids love getting all dressed up in their costumes, and Etsy seller Kayce Quevedo, the talented hands behind WorldOfWhimm, offers plenty of imaginative costumes and costume pieces, as well as plenty of items for babies--burp rags, bib sets, and blankets, among other things.

Kayce has two children of her own, so she knows just how much kids love to play imaginative games, often fueled by the costumes they have available. Her mother was also very crafty, so Kayce has had craft supplies around for as long as she can remember. Since the time that she and her husband arrived in Washington, and he bought her a sewing machine, Kayce has been creating baby items for her own family and for friends with babies. She opened her shop, WorldOfWhimm, on Etsy in July, and has been offering her baby items and costumes to a much wider audience since that time.

The bulk of the items at WorldOfWhimm are items for babies or very young children. Kayce creates well-coordinated sets of quilts, bibs, and burp rags, and she offers these in enough colors to appeal to nearly any tastes. Whether you or a friend are expecting a boy, a girl, or have opted to not learn the gender of the child until he or she is born, Kayce will likely have one of these sets that will work. In her "Sailing Away" quilt set, for example, shades of blue and red predominate, but the nautical theme could be used for a baby of either gender. Other sets are more gender specific, but the array of colors and themes available offers plenty of choices. The sizes of the sets also ranges from a quilt set, including all of the above mentioned items, to the bib sets and burp rag sets, which only include one or two of these items.

Of course, the things most likely to catch your attention at WorldOfWhimm are the costumes. Whether you are just looking for a crown for a simple dress-up item or a birthday child hat, or would prefer to find something that can be used for a full Halloween costume or dress-up costume, Kayce has a number of choices to fill your needs. The crowns are soft and flexible, made of fabric, and can fit children within a range of head circumferences. The costumes are adorable, with tiaras and tutus for little girls, or animal costumes for children of either gender. Each of the costumes Kayce makes is one of a kind, as she does not use patterns when she sews. The costumes are also sized in such a way that they can fit a range of children's sizes and ages, making them great for a family with more than one child who will want to wear the costume.

World of Whimm
Kayce's World of Whimm Blog

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ambika said...

Her stuff totally makes me want to be a kid again--especially the costumes.

Sorry if this double posts! Blogger gave me a weird error message.

Dawn said...

Oh, I know. I totally loved the peacock costume, but it wasn't in my size and then it sold!