Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Finny's Funny Hats at GlitzConcepts

Every parent learns quickly that their children will need a winter hat, and also that their children will be prone to losing their hat--thus necessitating many winter hats. However, there is a good chance that if your child has one of Finny's Funny Hats, from the Etsy shop GlitzConcepts, their winter hat will quickly become a treasured possession, and it may remain with them for more than just a short period of time. Whether your child likes monkeys, bears, or another animal, chances are good that you can find one of Finny's Funny Hats to match their preferences.

Etsy seller Carrie, the talented hands behind GlitzConcepts, has been doing arts and crafts for nearly her entire life, or "since my parents bought us [her sister and herself] our first Crayola Scissors (that my sister cut my hair with when my parents weren't looking! Awww older sisters...)" She started making Finny's Funny Hats when her son, Finn, was just a baby. Finn needed a winter hat, and Carrie had the skills to make him one. From there, the idea of Finny's Funny Hats was born. Carrie wants to give her son a fun childhood, and her business helps her to be a stay at home mom who gets to spend lots of time with Finn.

Finny's Funny Hats depict a wide variety of animals, and are available in three different sizes for children. Carrie has made a few adult sized hats, but she prefers sticking with hats for children at present. Her most popular sellers in her Etsy shop have been the monkey-related items, but she also has bears, giraffes, foxes, and even bugs. In addition to the hats, Carrie also makes animal coats, which combine a hood that resembles one of Finny's Funny Hats and a coat body in the same color. Carrie says that the coats are particularly fun for her to make. All of the hats and coats are made of fleece, which makes them both warm and easy to clean--important features for childrens' winter wear. In addition, the cute animal themes would make these hats or coats a wonderful option for a Halloween costume in colder climates.

Carrie has been selling Finny's Funny Hats on Etsy since March of 2007, and has had a considerable amount of success with her shop GlitzConcepts. Between the absolutely adorable fleece hats and coats, and her too-cute-for-words model, Finn, the Etsy shop GlitzConcepts is a definite attention-getter. When you combine this with the quality construction of Finny's Funny Hats, it is understandable why these hats and coats are such hot sellers. These items are sure to look adorable on any child, and keep them nice and warm all winter long.


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