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Etsy Seller Profile: Handmade Horrors

For those of us who wish we could celebrate Halloween year round, Etsy seller Paige Cornelius, the crafter behind the Etsy shop HandmadeHorrors, has a wide selection of horror themed jewelry available no matter what season it is. Whether you prefer skulls and zombies, black cats and bats, or notorious historical figures, Paige probably has just what you are looking for, and several other items that you will realize you can't live without.

Paige has been crafting since a young age, inspired in part by her grandparents. Her grandfather was a painter and a woodworker, and her grandmother did cross-stitch, ceramics, and other crafts when she was younger. Paige herself experimented with a wide variety of crafts prior to starting HandmadeHorrors: collage art, altered art, and sewing being just a few of the crafts she dabbled in. In addition to her grandparents, Paige's brother, husband, and 10-year-old son are all also talented artists. Some of her husband's artwork appears on the jewelry that Paige creates for Handmade Horrors.

The artwork used in HandmadeHorrors designs comes from several sources. Paige creates some of the artwork herself, but she also works with two talented artists for many of the designs. Her husband, Chris Cornelius, is one of the other artists, as mentioned above. The other artist who contributes some of his artwork to HandmadeHorrors jewelry is Justin Terrell of ZMB Graphics. Paige enjoys collaborating with both of these artists, and is proud to offer their artwork combined with her handiwork.

Handmade Horrors offers a wide array of jewelry options, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and rings, as well as accessories like hair pins and cell phone charms. Many of these pieces of jewelry involve simple shapes in dark colors, often accented with glitter. Bats and stars are common shapes used for these pieces. Other pieces feature a more detailed drawing of a creature or character, like a pink-haired witch perched on a broom. Still other pieces are taken from reproductions of paintings or photographs--for example, Handmade Horrors offers pieces of jewerly featuring a portrait of Vlad Dracula or Morticia Addams. Paige has also begun integrating chainmaille into some of her designs, and finds that she enjoys creating these pieces, even though they are more difficult to make than her older designs.

In addition to the standard fare found at HandmadeHorrors, Paige is also more than willing to take on custom orders. While she specializes in horror or Halloween themed images, she can work with any sort of artwork or photograph to create one-of-a-kind pieces for her customers. So whether you want something with a bit of flair for Halloween, or you want to immortalize a favorite pet in a pair of earrings, Paige of HandmadeHorrors is sure to be able to create something that you will be sure to love.

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