Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Spidercamp

Stuffed animals are popular with children, to be sure, but some adults also take enjoyment in having a plush animal, whether it is as a part of their office décor or home décor. Etsy seller Jessica Pierce, the creator of the plush bunnies available at the Etsy shop Spidercamp, has created a line of stuffed animals that people of all ages will enjoy--though based on what these bunnies have stitched on their torsos, they may be much better suited for the adult world.

In her day job, Jessica bakes what she calls "tremendous" cakes for a local restaurant. She has been interested in baking and otherwise creating things for as long as she can remember, but she only began making the plush bunnies available at Spidercamp about three years ago. She has sold these plush bunnies on Etsy for about 2 years, and they have been incredibly popular with her customers.

The plush bunnies are made from fleece and use all vegan materials for their construction. Most of the bunnies have button eyes, but there are also bunnies that are safe for babies and small children, with fleece and thread features. While some of the bunnies have a felt heart or another sort of embellishment on them, the majority of the bunnies have a word or phrase stitched across their torso. The words range all over the place, but Jessica admits that quite a few of them are "very foul indeed." In her Spidercamp shop, you can find "bunnies of purity," "bunnies what swear," and "bunnies with diseases," along with the "unpopular bunnies," which are on sale.

In addition to the plush bunnies, Spidercamp does offer other assorted items, including a selection of craft supplies and cat toys. One of the curiously popular items is pocket bacon-crocheted strips that look remarkably like uncooked bacon. Nearly everything that Jessica offers through Spidercamp is a little bit odd and quirky, so perhaps it is not too much of a surprise that the people who browse her shop end up buying pocket bacon.

In addition to the pre-made bunnies, Jessica also enjoys working with customers to create custom bunnies. She is willing to sew pretty much any word onto the torso of one of her bunnies, with the only constraint being the space available. She has made bunnies with scars that match the scars of their owner, as well as bunnies with made-up words stitched on them. Nearly anything is possible when it comes to the bunnies from Spidercamp, making them a wonderful unique gift idea.


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