Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buy handmade!

Though I'm a little bit late in suggesting this, you should definitely check out Buy Handmade. This site is a partnership between Etsy and several other sites, and encourages people to pledge that they will buy as many handmade items as possible to give as their holiday gifts, and also encourage people who are giving them gifts to also buy handmade items! It's a wonderful idea, especially as it ensures that everyone on your list can get something unique and tailored towards them, rather than the same mass produced stuff that everyone else gets.

So obviously, Etsy has tens of thousands of sellers offering handmade stuff to choose from. But if you don't want to search through the entire set, why not take a chance with one of the EtsyRain mystery gift bags?

Each of these bags contains five items which would normally sell for $10 each. We're offering these gift bags for $25, so basically at half their normal price! And let me assure you, this is some amazing stuff. I was involved in the preparation of the general gift bags, and I'd pretty much love to receive any of the items in one of these gift bags. There are also gift bags filled with kid and baby items, and knowing who contributed to those, I am sure that they are similarly wonderful!

And of course, feel free to search through Etsy for something more specific! :) I'm only offering these gift bags as a neat idea for a quick way to knock out a portion of your shopping list! :)

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