Monday, November 5, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Catherine Lawrence of Urban Fictions

Many artists and crafters are not satisfied to learn and master a single technique. They prefer to continually learn new crafts or art forms, ever expanding the repetoire of their skills. Etsy seller Catherine Lawrence of Urban Fictions (reqbat on Etsy) is one such artist. The artwork available in her Etsy shop covers multiple media, and often combines these media into unique mixed media plaques, apparel, and artwork. All of the items at Urban Fictions are truly one of a kind works of art.

Catherine Lawrence resides in Montreal, and is a writer as well as a visual artist. Her mother helped to foster her sense of creativity from an early age, which is how Catherine fell into writing. Currently, she chooses new art forms to learn by what catches her interest, and lists some of these interests as including knitting, sewing, and painting: "anything that looks interesting, I try!" She has been creating artwork nearly her entire life, though Urban Fictions has only been a part of Etsy for about a year, and only truly active in the past month or so.

Although the items that Catherine creates for her Etsy shop do vary widely, quite a few of the items are painted. Many of the painted items also incorporate other media as well, however, like her door knob hangers and other plaques, which feature images decoupaged onto painted wood. One of the themes that emerges in a number of her paintings is crows, offering a strong continuity between pieces that would otherwise appear to be unrelated to each other. Aside from paintings, Catherine also makes small felt pill shapes, designed to be Christmas ornaments, though they could be used for decoration any time of the year. All of Catherine Lawrence's pieces at Urban Fictions are unusual and quirky, sure to appeal to those with their own unique outlooks on life.

Catherine Lawrence is happy to offer custom work as well, and does not limit herself to items similar to the artwork available at Urban Fictions. She can recreate many of the items available there in different colors, but also says she is willing to do other, one of a kind work: "everything from custom paintings to designing tattoos for people!" Like many of the artists who sell on Etsy, Catherine's work appeals highly to the indie sensibility, but can also be enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation of unique works of art.


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