Thursday, November 1, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: DharmaDesigns

The cultures and images of Asian countries have long held great appeal throughout the rest of the world. The mystery and exotic aspects of these cultures is imitated in the work of many artists, giving credence to the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Etsy seller Wendy Bayliss, the creative hands behind the Etsy shop DharmaDesigns, has taken her love of Asian themed items and created a beautiful collection of handcrafted jewelry pieces. While Wendy's diverse interests suggest that she will ultimately expand the offerings of DharmaDesigns far outside of jewelry (she already has photographs in her shop as well), for now her selection is centered on Asian themed pieces of jewelry.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Wendy has been creating things for as long as she can remember. She says that as children, she and her sister made their own books and toys, and, as they got older, reproduced entire bases for their Star Wars action figures. In addition to working on the pieces she offers in her Etsy shop, Wendy also is a writer. She is currently writing a novel based in fact about helicopter medical evacuation crews during the Vietnam War. With this interesting mix of creativity in several formats, it is no surprise that DharmaDesigns was born. Wendy began selling on Etsy just over a month ago, shortly after being asked about a necklace she was wearing. When she told the woman who asked that she had made the necklace herself, the woman suggested that Wendy start selling her handcrafted jewelry through some venue.

Wendy uses a variety of different jewelry making techniques for the pieces in her DharmaDesigns shop. Some of her necklaces are strands of different sized and shaped beads, often with a large focal point in the center. Other necklaces are predominantly chain, with only a few carefully selected beads. Still others are strung on satin cord, allowing the beauty of the beads and the colored cord to meld together in a one of a kind necklace. In addition to her necklaces, which make up the bulk of her offerings, Wendy also offers bracelets and earrings along an Asian theme. Though the pieces may not match one another, the theme that runs throughout Wendy's creations is constant and distinctive.

Wendy also delights in making custom pieces, though these do not necessarily have to be handcrafted jewelry pieces. She has made intricate cards for friends in the past, and welcomes the opportunity to work with buyers on the items of their dreams. Wendy also plans to expand the offerings of DharmaDesigns into more non-jewelry items, including the possibility of adding her own blend of chai tea.


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