Friday, November 2, 2007

Etsy Seller Profile: Liz Staley

Geeks and nerds have never been known for their fashion sense, but with the help of Etsy seller Liz Staley, this fact has a chance to change. Liz calls her shop "Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness," and the name of the shop does not disappoint. Here, geeks and nerds (and the people who love them) can find all sorts of accessories, from fishnet gloves, to witty buttons, to repurposed computer keyboard pieces.

Liz Staley had the traditional early start in the crafty world. In her case, her mother painted ceramics, and Liz wanted to join in the fun. Her mother gave her a rubber duck, water, and a paintbrush, to let Liz think she was painting too. However, she quickly realized that things should change color when you painted them, and wanted more. More ultimately came in the form of a degree in Fine Arts, after Liz decided that she wanted to pursue a career in animation. Japanese animation is her preferred style, and she has written up story ideas for television shows and movies that she hopes to someday make.

For her shop on Etsy, however, Liz creates an entirely different variety of artwork. Her most popular items are the buttons. Some of these are made from the pages of manga comics. Though the quotes on these may not be funny in their original context, many of them are hilarious when taken out of context. She also makes sets of buttons that appeal to role-players and fans of sci-fi television shows, including Firefly and Farscape, among others. She particularly enjoys making the fishnet gloves, some of which are beaded, while others are more simple affairs. Finally, she makes several different items from old computer keyboards--the interior circuit boards become wallets, while the keys become a part of chokers, bracelets, and earrings.

Of course, since no two geeks or nerds are exactly alike, Liz is happy to do custom work. She acknowledges that there is a limit to just how much text can fit onto a button ("no Kevin Smith monologues") and how many computer keys can fit on a choker (about eight), but within the constraints of available space, she loves to work with customers to make them their own special geeky accessories. And for the slightly less geeky among us, the fishnet gloves and Liz's other crocheted items have an undeniable beauty about them, making Liz Staley's shop a great place to shop for geeks, nerds, and normal people.

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