Friday, January 25, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: D. S. Brennan Photography

D. S. Brennan Photography is an Etsy shop featuring the work of Diana Brennan. She has been interested in photography for nearly as long as she can remember, though says that "it wasn't until my first photography class in High School that the bug really bit. Years later, when the purchase of a digital SLR made access to a darkroom unnecessary, I jumped back into the medium with full force." She works predominantly with black and white photography, though some of her photographs feature a splash of color or more. Her photographs are available as prints suitable for framing or on items like notecards.

Diana works in the environmental science field, and says that her love for the environment influences her photography. Nearly all of her photographs are of outdoor scenes, with some featuring man-made objects within their natural surroundings. All of her photographs can be made into prints of different sizes, and most can be converted to a picture on a notecard.

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