Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: The Venerable Bead

Today's featured shop is The Venerable Bead, the Etsy shop of Paula McDonough. Paula is a mother of two and a social worker, in addition to being a talented beadmaker. She works with borosilicate glass beads--beads made from the combination of glass and fire. She has been working with jewelry and beading for more than ten years, and has been working with boro glass beads for nearly 3 years. Her Etsy shop has been open for under a year, but she has had considerable success with her boro glass pendants and beaded jewelry.

Paula says that one of her most popular items in her shop are those that incorporate a bead made directly on the shaft of a vintage skeleton key. These have "taken off in my shop like I could never have imagined." She enjoys making the implosion pendants, which appear to have an implosion or a blooming flower inside of them. I particularly like the story that she includes in the description of this implosion pendant.

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