Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Etsy Seller Profile: CircleArt

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but most of us are practical enough to know that sometimes other jewelry is much more appropriate. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and unique, while steering away from diamonds, the Etsy shop CircleArt, home of Susan Murphy, is a great place to begin your search. With her choices of earrings and necklaces (and sometimes bracelets), you are sure to find something that will appeal to your tastes or the tastes of someone upon whom you want to bestow a gift.

Susan has lived in a variety of places all across the globe, including a 17 year stay in Germany. She currently resides in Woodinville, Washington, near Seattle. Like so many sellers on Etsy, she has been doing one craft or another for the majority of her life, though she has only worked on jewelry making for about 2 years. She first learned to make jewelry through an event she coordinated for staff members at a school where she worked in Maryland. She was hooked on jewelry making with her first pair of earrings (no pun intended).

CircleArt only opened on Etsy a little over six months ago, though Susan has been selling her jewelry since she learned to make it. So far, Susan has found that her copper earrings have been the most popular item in her shop. (In fact, they have been so popular that, at this writing, her shop is sold out of copper earrings!) Whether you like your earrings to be gold tone or silver tone, CircleArt has pieces to fit your preferences. Several pairs of earrings feature smaller beads dangling from chains, while other, shorter earrings showcase larger beads as their focal point, accented with smaller beads. Colors range throughout the spectrum, and Susan is happy to make custom pieces for weddings or other occasions, with the colors you like best worked into the finished pieces.

In addition to earrings on their own, CircleArt also offers necklace and earring sets, or necklaces alone. The necklace and earring sets allow you to choose a stunning matched ensemble. For those who prefer their jewelry to be more complimentary than perfectly matched, there are certain to be wonderful combinations that can be made between CircleArt's individual necklaces and pairs of earrings.

In addition to the work of arranging the various bits into finished pieces of jewelry, Susan also makes many of the components that she uses in her CircleArt jewelry. She has made copper and silver components, along with the lampwork beads seen in her jewelry items.


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