Monday, March 31, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Naranja 37

Natasha Morton is the creative mind behind the Etsy shop Naranja 37. She makes an ecletic variety of items for her shop, from sewn items to paper goods. She also sells vintage items alongside her handmade creations, which are often made of repurposed materials. As Natasha puts it, "I am (people say) a jack/jane of all trades. Because I am so enthused, inspired, and excited by everything...everything just keeps coming out."

Natasha learned her love of crafts from her father, who also explored a wide array of different craft forms. Natasha's Etsy shop has been open since late 2007, though she also sells at local shows, some of which she hosts. Her Etsy shop offers many different items, so almost everyone is sure to find something to love at Naranja 37.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Woven Chains

Trina Gratrix's Etsy shop, Woven Chains, is filled with all sorts of shiny things--specifically chainmaille jewelry and accessories. Jewelry was not Trina's first craft; she remembers her grandma teaching her to crochet at age 6: "We have some great pictures of me just starting out with yarn and a crochet hook." Over the years and many other crafts, however, Trina has settled on making jewelry as the form that most captures her attention. She has been selling her crafts through a variety of venues for 10 years, and has been selling on Etsy for about 9 months.

Trina works with chainmaille links in a variety of metals and colors, embellishing some of her jewelry items with fun and colorful beads, while letting the natural beauty of the metal make its own elegant statement in other pieces. She finds that the best sellers in her Etsy shop are the Wobblebobs and Love Knot earrings, while the Jelly Bean bracelets (as pictured above) are her favorite to make. Trina is happy to work with customers on customizing items in her shop, and would love to work with a customer to create a unique piece from the ground up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Marin Made

Marin Made is the Etsy shop of Marin, where she sells knitted items and more. Marin taught herself to knit about 5 years ago, though she has been interested in crafty things for her whole life, coming from a family filled with crafty women. She dabbles in a wide array of crafts, though the bulk of her store remains knitted items. While she has been selling her knitted creations to friends and family for several years, she started on Etsy about 8 months ago, and has also sold at craft fairs in the Seattle area.

At present, Marin has mainly wrist warmers, hats, and scarves in her shop, but she also knits pillows, stockings, and coffee cup cozies. Her shop also includes hand-dipped chocolate spoons, which are wonderful for stirring into coffee or hot cocoa. She is happy to take on custom orders, and says that she spent much of the time leading up to Christmas working on custom orders for holiday gifts. Her items can be made in a variety of sizes and colors, simple or fancy, or whatever you hope to buy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Sima Bella Designs

Sima Bella Designs is the creation of Sima Bella Kulshreshtha, who originally hails from Saskatchewan, Canada, but now resides in Seattle. Sima has dabbled in a number of artistic and creative endeavors, but it was only last year that she discovered her love for jewelry making. As she says, "I have always loved pretty things but never knew how much fun it is to create them." Sima is also beginning to experiment with photography, which is an area in which her siblings also have an interest.

Sima's Etsy shop has been open since December of last year, and she also sells at shows in the Seattle area. She has found that her meditation bracelets have been popular with friends and co-workers, whether because of the purported metaphysical qualities of the stones she uses, or simply because they are lovely bracelets. Sima also has necklaces, earrings, and some photography in her Etsy shop. Many of her jewelry pieces are simple affairs with only a pair of colors, but Sima has a good eye for the colors she uses, so that all of her jewelry turns out stunning!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Daisiemai Creations

Daisiemai Creations is the Etsy shop of Janea, from Lacey, Washington. Janea makes beaded and wirework jewelry for her shop, which has been open since December of 2007. She says "I made jewelry for friends and families for the holidays and remember how much I loved to do it... so I went searching for away to get my jewelry out there and came across Etsy." She has been making jewelry since she was in high school, and working with other crafts even before that.

Janea finds that her silver rings and earrings have been her most popular sellers, but she also makes necklaces (like the two pictured with this feature), bracelets, and matched sets of jewelry. Janea is also happy to work with custom orders--whether it's just a different color or size of something already in her shop, or a new creation altogether. In addition to her jewelry designs, Daisiemai Creations also offers digital art by Janea's significant other, Alex, under the section heading "Aero Designs."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Handmade Memories

Handmade Memories is the Etsy shop of Jessica Guess, of Bremerton, Washington. Jessica's shop is a very new addition to Etsy--she's only had her shop open since the beginning of 2008! Like many crafters, she has been making things for as long as she can remember: "I've been crafting since I was a child, you know, the usual macaroni and glitter glue masterpieces. But now I tend to stay away from art that I could potentially make lasagna with."

Jessica makes French memo boards, which are fabric and ribbon covered bulletin boards that don't require the use of push pins to display your photos or other paper items. Her French memo boards can be made as custom items, allowing you to choose what sort of fabric, ribbon, and buttons you would like. She creates plenty of memo boards that can coordinate with any decor, or you can request a custom French memo board that perfectly matches your decorating scheme!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: HalinaB

Halina B is the Etsy shop of Halina Bojarski. She first learned how to make jewelry when she simply wanted to know how to repair a pair of earrings a few years ago, but her interest grew rapidly. Her Etsy shop features necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings, all in sterling silver and gemstones or unique beads that she finds. What makes her jewelry stand out on Etsy is the fact that she offers a number of masculine or unisex pieces, making her shop a great place to look for items for men or women.

Halina says that she enjoys making sterling silver bracelets, because "I love working with wire the most, and they give me the opportunity to play the longest in this medium." She is also happy to take on custom work--whether you know exactly what you are looking for or just have some ideas about stones or shapes, she loves the collaborative process of making custom jewelry for her customers.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: SpinLady

And, we're back! I'm hoping to be updating this blog daily during the week, so I am always looking for more Etsy shops to feature. Please feel free to convo me on Etsy (scarywhitegirl) or drop me an E-mail (same user name, at Gmail) if you'd like to be featured!

SpinLady is the Etsy shop of Jaimee McClellan. Jaimee has formal training as a textile artist, but dabbles in a wide variety of arts and crafts for her Etsy shop. In her shop, you can find knitted and crocheted accessories and blankets, sewn aprons, jewelry, and prints of photographs. SpinLady has been open on Etsy since the fall of 2007, but Jaimee has been selling through other venues for 10 years.

SpinLady has a great variety of items for babies, children, and adults. The best thing about an eclectic selection in a single shop is that it makes buying for multiple gift recipients so much easier--one stop online shopping! The photos with this article are only a small taste of the things that you can find at SpinLady, so be sure to check out her shop to see more of the beautiful pieces available there!