Monday, March 17, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Daisiemai Creations

Daisiemai Creations is the Etsy shop of Janea, from Lacey, Washington. Janea makes beaded and wirework jewelry for her shop, which has been open since December of 2007. She says "I made jewelry for friends and families for the holidays and remember how much I loved to do it... so I went searching for away to get my jewelry out there and came across Etsy." She has been making jewelry since she was in high school, and working with other crafts even before that.

Janea finds that her silver rings and earrings have been her most popular sellers, but she also makes necklaces (like the two pictured with this feature), bracelets, and matched sets of jewelry. Janea is also happy to work with custom orders--whether it's just a different color or size of something already in her shop, or a new creation altogether. In addition to her jewelry designs, Daisiemai Creations also offers digital art by Janea's significant other, Alex, under the section heading "Aero Designs."

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