Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: The Buddha Builder

The Buddha Builder is the Etsy shop of sculptor Anita Feng. In addition to her sculpting, Anita is also an accomplished writer and teaches creative writing. Her first interest in sculpture came when she was a fish a friend had made from clay. "I admired it so much that I signed up for a six-week intro to pottery class, then promptly spent all of my savings to set up a studio." She has been selling her sculptures for more than 30 years, and has been a part of Etsy for about 5 months.

Anita creates free-style, raku-fired sculptures of Buddhas, many of which are depicted as women. She also has a second Etsy shop, Anita's Ocarinas, which features her handmade ocarinas--musical instruments that are crafted so as to play a specific key. (If you're interested in hearing an ocarina played, check out Although she notes that raku glaze effects can be a bit unpredictable, she is happy to work with customers on custom Buddhas, whether her customers are looking for a certain size, design, or glaze look.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Original Cyn Studios

Original Cyn Studios is the Etsy shop of Cindy Danielle, of Redmond, Washington (near Seattle). Cindy is a stay at home mom now, but previously worked in the field of speech/language pathology. In that field, she says she "always did arts and crafts with my students to facilitate language development and fine motor development." Even before her career, however, she was a crafter, learning to sew at a very young age.

Cindy's Etsy shop has been open only since December of 2007, but she has filled it with a variety of beautiful clothing and accessory items for women and children. The items are sewn or crocheted, sometimes using a combination of both techniques. Whether you're looking for everyday clothing or dress-up clothes for a child or for yourself, Cindy will often have something to fit the bill at Original Cyn Studios on Etsy.