Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Limelight Designs

Ellen Chappelle is the artisan behind the the Etsy shop Limelight Designs. Ellen started her artistic endeavors in theater and music, but eventually wanted to move into an area that could be a solo endeavor. After experimenting with a few other art forms, she settled on jewelry making. She has been making jewelry for four years, selling for three, and is a new arrival to Etsy. The name of her Etsy shop is related to her earlier artistic endeavors as well: "The use of this term for the Limelight Designs name not only gives a nod to the artist's theatrical background, but also illustrates her hopes that wearing this jewelry will help keep you and your unique style in the spotlight wherever you go!"

Limelight Designs features Ellen's jewelry creations, focusing primarily on wire wrapping, metalwork, and chainmaille. She offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and sets in her shop.

In addition to her Etsy shop, Ellen also has her own website, where she posts a seasonal color and fashion trend article that she writes. Check it out now for fall and winter 2008 trends, and check back as the seasons turn to spring to see what's new!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Station 1528

Station 1528 is the Etsy shop of Mike White, of Bothell, Washington. Mike is a self-taught artist who works with a variety of crafts, but focuses on clay work for his Etsy shop. He says that he has been selling crafts for "years," though he is a relative newcomer to Etsy. His work has been seen at a variety of Seattle-area craft shows over the years.

Station 1528 features vases, pots, and other creations made from clay. His angels are exclusive to Etsy, and he says that they are the best sellers in his Etsy shop. If you're local to the Seattle-area, you may find Mike at shows like Issaquah Salmon Days with his vases and pots. Regardless of whether or not you're local to Seattle, you can find the vases, pots, and angels on Etsy at Station 1528

Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Baddins Design

Betsy Schairer of Baddin's Design tells a wonderful story about her start in the world of art: "At age 3 I secretly drew a family of giraffes as high as I could reach on freshly painted white walls in my bedroom. The problem was that it was a rental, so my mom was pretty exasperated and had to paint over them. I didn't really understand anything about damage deposits or any of that adult nonsense so under cover of dark I re-drew the giraffe family. In the same places. In my imagination I was sure they belonged there." From such a beginning, it's no wonder that Betsy found her way to Etsy, where she has an eclectic shop featuring her artwork, embroidery, and handmade clothing, along with vintage and supply items.

Betsy's embroidery is most certainly not your grandmother's embroidery... unless, perhaps, you have a rather unusual grandmother. But it's just the right sort of embroidery for many 20-somethings, who will certainly appreciate the sentiments that the pillow to the left expresses. Her break-up prints, like the one pictured above, have been popular sellers on Etsy as well. And Betsy has a great eye for unusual vintage items, which she says have also been popular sellers in her shop.

Betsy can be found all over the 'net, with various webpages showcasing different forms of her artwork:
BLOG: http://betsyschairer.typepad.com
Boutique for silverware jewelry: www.magpie-store.com
Art Hanging Now: www.lastwaltzboutique.com
Older Work: www.myspace.com/baddinsdesign

Monday, September 8, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Char's Home Decor

Char's Home Decor is the Etsy shop of Charlene S. Noto, of Carnation, Washington. Char has been crafting for nearly half a century, starting as a young child. She learned to sew and embroider from her grandmother, and while her grandmother and mother tried to teach her to crochet and knit, she found that those two crafts never took. She has also branched out into other crafts through the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), but finds that she always returns to her "first love," embroidery.

Char's shop on Etsy, which has been open since May of this year, sells embroidered home decor items--pillowcases, kitchen items, and table linens, most frequently. Her pillowcases, like the "Paisley Power" design at the top of this post, have been popular sellers thus far in her shop. She also has more projects in the works: "Hopefully, when I'm finished it will be of use to others who have limited mobility. Right now, it is in the design stage but keep your eyes on my shop. :-)"

Char also maintains a blog at Delving Under the Covers, where you can read about day to day life and also find her Associated Content articles.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: The Pretty Peacock

The Pretty Peacock is the Etsy shop of Ana Talukder Simpson, who lives in the Seattle area. From an East Indian family, her parents were strict with their children about academics, so crafts were a way for Ana and her sister to have fun. While she has been creating most of her life, Ana only began selling her work 2 years ago, and has been on Etsy for about 5 months.

Ana's creations are jewelry pieces in fine and silver sterling, with a focus on very textural pieces. She enjoys doing custom items for her customers: "Most of my pieces are designed to be customized - names, dates, quotes, quips, etc. I offer birthstone choices on many pieces and with the fine silver I can offer different shapes and sizes to suit a buyers needs." Custom pieces are among her best selling items in her Etsy shop.

You can also find Ana on her blog, From the Perch of ... The Pretty Peacock, as well as on Trunkt and soon on Handmade Fuzion.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Xanadu 2 You

If you're looking for unique copper wire creations, look no further than Xanadu 2 You. Xanadu 2 You is the Etsy shop of Washington native Erin R. Enemark. Erin has been crafting from a young age, thanks to a mother who encouraged creativity in Erin and other children in the neighborhood. Erin started working with copper wire when she accidentally bought enameled wire, which could not be used for the purpose she intended: "I experimented with it to see what else I could do with it, and ended up making my first wire basket."

Erin's baskets in her Etsy shop are bright, vibrant pieces that bring a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen, dining room, or anywhere else you might choose to use them. In addition to her copper wire baskets, she also makes wire wrapped jewelry, and also crochets with wire. She says "I'm frequently plagued by an affliction that keeps me up at nights: new ideas. A new concept pops into my mind, and it keeps me awake chewing over ways to make it work... The next day, I *HAVE* to sit down and turn the idea into a reality, or I'll find myself staying awake every night until I do." With the ideas flowing freely, you'll find a variety of gorgeous items at Xanadu 2 You!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Little Ones

Little Ones is the Etsy shop of Amie and Shawna. Little Ones features a wide variety of items for both moms and kids, particularly those items that can be used by both moms and babies. Amie has been crafting since she was a child, but has been creating items for moms and kids for a couple of years, and she and Shawna have been selling on Etsy for about four months.

Amie's contributions to Little Ones are mostly the items for mothers, while Shawna focuses on the items for kids. But Amie's ring slings are a great item for both a mother and a child. Amie says "I love creating slings and nursing gear because of the special bond they help nurture in the mother and child. Some of my fondest memories are snuggling close to both my kids through baby wearing and breastfeeding I love creating things that encourage this in other mothers." Many of the items for breastfeeding mothers can also be found at Modest Milk, which is Amie and Shawna's alternate shop.