Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Baddins Design

Betsy Schairer of Baddin's Design tells a wonderful story about her start in the world of art: "At age 3 I secretly drew a family of giraffes as high as I could reach on freshly painted white walls in my bedroom. The problem was that it was a rental, so my mom was pretty exasperated and had to paint over them. I didn't really understand anything about damage deposits or any of that adult nonsense so under cover of dark I re-drew the giraffe family. In the same places. In my imagination I was sure they belonged there." From such a beginning, it's no wonder that Betsy found her way to Etsy, where she has an eclectic shop featuring her artwork, embroidery, and handmade clothing, along with vintage and supply items.

Betsy's embroidery is most certainly not your grandmother's embroidery... unless, perhaps, you have a rather unusual grandmother. But it's just the right sort of embroidery for many 20-somethings, who will certainly appreciate the sentiments that the pillow to the left expresses. Her break-up prints, like the one pictured above, have been popular sellers on Etsy as well. And Betsy has a great eye for unusual vintage items, which she says have also been popular sellers in her shop.

Betsy can be found all over the 'net, with various webpages showcasing different forms of her artwork:
Boutique for silverware jewelry:
Art Hanging Now:
Older Work:


Rosalie said...

Yay Betsy -- you're awesome

Vanessa said...

Great feature!