Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Little Ones

Little Ones is the Etsy shop of Amie and Shawna. Little Ones features a wide variety of items for both moms and kids, particularly those items that can be used by both moms and babies. Amie has been crafting since she was a child, but has been creating items for moms and kids for a couple of years, and she and Shawna have been selling on Etsy for about four months.

Amie's contributions to Little Ones are mostly the items for mothers, while Shawna focuses on the items for kids. But Amie's ring slings are a great item for both a mother and a child. Amie says "I love creating slings and nursing gear because of the special bond they help nurture in the mother and child. Some of my fondest memories are snuggling close to both my kids through baby wearing and breastfeeding I love creating things that encourage this in other mothers." Many of the items for breastfeeding mothers can also be found at Modest Milk, which is Amie and Shawna's alternate shop.

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