Thursday, September 4, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Xanadu 2 You

If you're looking for unique copper wire creations, look no further than Xanadu 2 You. Xanadu 2 You is the Etsy shop of Washington native Erin R. Enemark. Erin has been crafting from a young age, thanks to a mother who encouraged creativity in Erin and other children in the neighborhood. Erin started working with copper wire when she accidentally bought enameled wire, which could not be used for the purpose she intended: "I experimented with it to see what else I could do with it, and ended up making my first wire basket."

Erin's baskets in her Etsy shop are bright, vibrant pieces that bring a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen, dining room, or anywhere else you might choose to use them. In addition to her copper wire baskets, she also makes wire wrapped jewelry, and also crochets with wire. She says "I'm frequently plagued by an affliction that keeps me up at nights: new ideas. A new concept pops into my mind, and it keeps me awake chewing over ways to make it work... The next day, I *HAVE* to sit down and turn the idea into a reality, or I'll find myself staying awake every night until I do." With the ideas flowing freely, you'll find a variety of gorgeous items at Xanadu 2 You!

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