Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween accessories for grown-ups

Not all of us have the option to celebrate Halloween blatantly, with costumes and craziness. For those who want to get into the Halloween spirit in a more subtle fashion, check out these Halloween accessories from the Big Damn Crafters (Firefly/Serenity street team).

Pequest Designs has a great witchy cell phone charm that could also be used as a zipper pull.

Indigo Luna has a full moon patch or pin that doesn't have to be saved just for Halloween!

PandaCub has the cutest little spider hairclips (and other accessories using similar fabric)!

Yarrow 1 has a one of a kind, very cute, woodcarved pumpkin pin!


Kaedan Krafts said...

Love the pumpkin pin by Yarrow1!

yarrow1 said...

Thank you for having my pin, was thrilled to see it here, because it is my first carving.

Heather said...

what a cute pin!!

Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

What an adorable pin--and the black background of the blog is perfect for the occasion! ;)
Celeste (Crickets)

isabella whitney said...

what a cute pin!