Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween stripes

I don't know what it is about Halloween that makes stripes seem oh so perfect, but I'm definitely hooked. Here's a few items of striped legwear for Halloween--legwarmers and socks for various sizes, from babies to adults!

The classic Halloween color combination, orange and black, is just adorable in these legwarmers for babies. From Anna Carrie Baby

Purple and black is my favorite color combination for Halloween and the rest of the year, and when you add skulls and crossbones, I'm sold. From Alexi's Princess Wear.

Great for a costume or just for wearing any day, these red and white striped socks from Poppy's Wicked Garden are sure to turn heads!

As someone who works with yarn, I think the stripe pattern on these socks is super cool, because self striping yarn absolutely blows my mind! From The 13th Gypsy.

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Xylia said...

Oooh, sweet! Thanks for including me! (The 13th Gypsy). Love your blog!