Friday, November 28, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Om Shanti Handcrafts

Om Shanti Handcrafts is the Etsy shop of Kate Jones of Longmont, Colorado. Kate's interest in handcrafted items began with a gift of bath salts, combined with a propensity for buying beads, and, as she says "It's all kind of snowballed from there. Yes, snowball is a good word. So is avalanche." Kate has been creating bath and body products for about three years and jewelry for one year, and began selling these on Etsy and at shows in February of 2008.

Kate creates handcrafted, all-natural, herbal bath and body products alongside a variety of beaded jewelry offerings. One of her favorite pieces to make was the "Shindig" necklace for a monthly challenge of the Big Damn Crafters (pictured above). She has found that her soaps and lip balms both sell very well in her Etsy shop. She does custom jewelry work, and can create custom labels for her bath and body products--perfect for a personalized touch for special events. Om Shanti Handcrafts has plenty of great gift ideas for the holidays, including gift certificates for those who would prefer to select their own items!

In addition to Etsy, Kate can be found on the following sites:
Om Shanti Handcrafts on Dawanda
Om Shanti Handcrafts on Creative Cafe Salesrooms
Om Shanti Handcrafts blog

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: In Kids' Rooms

In Kids' Rooms is the Etsy shop of Sarah Hagedorn, a stay at home mom from Kansas City. Sarah has been crafting since a very young age, right alongside the other members of her family (including me, her older sister). Although she joined Etsy as a buyer more than a year ago, she has just recently begun offering her creations for sale, on Etsy or anywhere. She is looking forward to her first sale!

Sarah makes personalized birth announcements and lifetime growth charts, the latter of which stretch up to a whopping 6 1/2 feet! They truly are meant to be lifetime growth charts, allowing you to track the height of your little one from the time they can stand in front of it until they are fully grown. Her birth announcements can be done in several different styles. Whether you've got a new arrival or a little one on the way, or whether you know someone else in the same situation, In Kids' Rooms has wonderful items that you can display in your kids' rooms.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Kung Fu Monkey Robot

The first time I saw the shop name Kung Fu Monkey Robot, I was intrigued. After meeting the mind behind the shop, Shea Milligan, I knew it was only a matter of time before she would be featured on Shop Etsy. Shea is a Seattle-based artist who works with repurposed and some new fabrics to create plush toys (called T-Huggers) and whimsical winter gear. Shea has been sewing for the majority of her life, and has been on Etsy just under a year.

While Shea's favorite item to make has been her yeti plushes ("Their bushy eyebrows made me laugh."), her best sellers have definitely been her scarves and gloves with bacon and eggs on them. Shea is also happy to take on custom work: "I offer the ability for the customer to build their own T-Hugger by mixing and matching designs from my current designs, such as a monkey with crab claws, a crab with squid legs, or the option to add a mouth pocket to just about anything." She can also make scarves with different designs on them, in case you're not into bacon and eggs. All in all, there's plenty of great stuff to see at Kung Fu Monkey Robot, including lots of great ideas for holiday gifts!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Clay Nest Pottery

Clay Nest Pottery is the Etsy shop of Kentucky-based artist Maggie Whalen Cybulski. Maggie began her artistic career as a painter, working within a variety of painting techniques. She was intrigued by the work of potters that she saw, and when the opportunity to learn this art form presented itself, she took it. Maggie says "I have been throwing pots and sculpting ever since. I love the medium of clay and thoroughly enjoy the process."

Maggie's work on Etsy is wheel thrown and hand sculpted pottery. The bulk of her work is vessels of some sort--bowls, jars, and even tea kettles, like the one above. She also makes brooches and small sculptural pieces. The colors are largely neutral and earthy, with a few splashes of bright colors thrown in on some items. In addition to Clay Nest Pottery on Etsy, Maggie's work can also be found at