Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Clay Nest Pottery

Clay Nest Pottery is the Etsy shop of Kentucky-based artist Maggie Whalen Cybulski. Maggie began her artistic career as a painter, working within a variety of painting techniques. She was intrigued by the work of potters that she saw, and when the opportunity to learn this art form presented itself, she took it. Maggie says "I have been throwing pots and sculpting ever since. I love the medium of clay and thoroughly enjoy the process."

Maggie's work on Etsy is wheel thrown and hand sculpted pottery. The bulk of her work is vessels of some sort--bowls, jars, and even tea kettles, like the one above. She also makes brooches and small sculptural pieces. The colors are largely neutral and earthy, with a few splashes of bright colors thrown in on some items. In addition to Clay Nest Pottery on Etsy, Maggie's work can also be found at

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