Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop: Wild Wicked Beads

Wild Wicked Beads is the Etsy shop of Halifax, Nova Scotia resident Linda L. Jones. Linda has been crafting "since I could drop a knit stitch or sew a crooked seam," and has been working with beads for decades. Though she has had a variety of crafty endeavors over the years, she finds that she always comes back to beadwork in the end. She teaches beadwork, has had items she has created on display at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, and works full time while "plotting my escape to full-time beading."

Linda's Etsy shop contains the fruits of her beadwork labors. Many of her items are wearable and functional, but her favorite piece, "Radiant," (pictured above) is simply beautiful. She sells mainly beaded jewelry of various types, but the look of her pieces is unique, and not what many people think of when they hear "beaded jewelry." Wild Wicked Beads is a wonderful shop to look for a one of a kind jewelry piece for a holiday gift, to wear to a holiday party, or just to oooh and ahhh over all of the gorgeous items that Linda has created!