Friday, January 16, 2009

Etsy Featured Shops: Scattergood and Hipi-Chiki

Scattergood and Hipi-Chiki are the Etsy shops of Stef Bennett. Stef began crafting five years ago, when she made embellished throw blankets and pillows. She has been selling her work at craft shows for about three years, and selling on Etsy for just less than a year. She says that she enjoys selling at craft shows because "Meeting people is my favorite part of doing the shows. Getting together with other artists folks is so compelling - it feeds the creative process. It is so fun to meet inspiring people and give them support with their endeavors."

Both of Stef's shop feature her collage work--Scattergood features collages of children with original sayings, while Hipi-Chiki focuses on "green" collages. Stef says "Moms love my prints. They always buy at least three to hang them all together. I sell my prints to teachers too - they buy them for their classroom as fun reminders to the children of a lesson, like be good to others. The kids like them too because they are cute and easy to read." She is happy to do custom work to match a collage or print to the colors and decor of a room. Stef donates some of the proceeds from her work to a scholarship fund to help others "scattergood."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Etsy Featured Shop: Sparkflight

Sparkflight is the Etsy shop of mother and son duo Ruth and Trevor Jensen of Minnesota. Both mother and son have a long history of creative endeavors--Ruth drew, painted, and carved wood from childhood, while Trevor "has been drawing since he could hold a pencil." Aside from his work on Etsy, Trevor has also recently illustrated a children's book. The pair began selling their work when they opened their Etsy shop in August of 2007. Sparkflight offers Ruth's wire sculptures and occasional jewelry, as well as Trevor's illustration work.

Ruth says that some of the best sellers at Sparkflight are her wire bird sculptures. Both Ruth and Trevor both enjoy doing custom work "because the personal interaction adds so much challenge and satisfaction to the process." To see more of their work, visit their MySpace page, click on "Pics" and then on "Sparkflight Wireworks."