Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things I love: Crocheting

It's true, I love to crochet. I almost always have a project at hand to work on--on the bus, watching TV, even at EtsyRain events! Here are a couple of handspun yarns and a couple of patterns from members of Team EtsyRain, the Big Damn Crafters, and elsewhere on Etsy!

Really the Blues Version 1.0 Yarn from Tenuki Handcrafts

Battle of Serenity Handspun Yarn from Inlerah

Easy Shells and Scallops Scarf Pattern from Keena's Kreations

Crochet Kittenkaboodle from Crochet Kitten

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Anne, Tenuki Handcrafts said...

Thanks for the mention, Dawn!