Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I love: Non-Metal Earrings

A nickel allergy runs in my family, and while my mom and one sister swear by gold earrings, I've opted for a different route, and have stretched my earlobes to accept 4 gauge earrings. I've found a number of sellers on Etsy who cater to the stretched earlobe crowd, so here are a few that I've found that I love! (Even if you don't wear 4 gauge, check out these shops, as they offer a variety of other sizes for stretched earlobes!)

4 gauge chandelier, blue and amber crystals plugs from Glamour Embalmer

4g Cobalt Blue and Red Pattern Plugs from AZ Hotshop

Lavender 4g Talons from Infinite Cosmos Girl

5mm Corkscrew Dichro on Black from Frozen Fire

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