Sunday, February 28, 2010

Undiscovered: Pottery

Until Easter, I will be featuring sellers on Etsy who have gotten no (or very few) sales since opening their shop. The idea is that readers of this blog may discover a new shop they love, or an item they can't live without. If you see something you like, be the first to purchase from these new Etsy sellers!

10 oz Pottery Mug - Sapphire and Shino from Lamplight Pottery

Erewhonart Green Sake Set No. 1 from Erewhon

Sunset Series Bowl One from Jennifer Dove Pottery

Medium Green Bowl from KHS Pottery

1 comment:

Admin said...

I am Niki, otherwise known as Erewhon. Thanks so much for this blog, and for featuring me. Because of you my green sake set has had 10 times the hits of my other items, and has steered traffic to my little shop. I wish I knew more about how to promote Etsy and my stuff in particular. Its been a learning process, thats for sure.
Thanks again!