Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY Wedding Favors

Today, I've got a fun suggestion for some do-it-yourself wedding favors, made from a couple of items from Etsy. This also happens to be a sneak preview of what I did for my own wedding favors. :)

Start out with some of these beautiful handmade plantable paper shapes from Recycled Ideas. Each of these small pieces of paper (which is made from recycled junk mail) is loaded with flower seeds, so your guests can take them home and plant them. The paper disintegrates, and flowers appear! What a great way to make the world more beautiful and to give your guests a lasting reminder of your wedding!

And so that your guests remember where the favors came from, you can stamp them with biodegradable ink using one of these stamps from Terbear Collectibles. I probably shouldn't count how many of Terbear's stamps I have, but I love them and use them all the time. I picked out this "save the date" style stamp because I liked the hands in the shape of a heart and including the date of the wedding on the favor. I think I'll also probably use the stamp on the back of envelopes for thank you cards and other letters.

One important tip to mention: make sure that the stamp you choose is smaller than the paper shapes you choose. I had small flower shapes and a stamp that was REALLY close to the same size, so I ended up with a few mis-stamps. That's okay, they'll still grow just fine! They're just not quite pretty enough to scatter across the tables.

So there you have it! Favors that could be kept as mementos of your wedding, or can be planted and enjoyed by more than just your guests!

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Debbie said...

super cute idea! thanks for sharing