Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured Friday: EquestriaKnitting

I've somehow missed out on the current My Little Pony/Friendship is Magic craze, aside from seeing some of the trailers where people have dubbed the audio from a real trailer over scenes from the show. Not quite the same, I'm guessing! :) But my friend Kai, who runs Equestria Knitting is on top of these things. She knits adorable versions of the various ponies from the show.

I'm rather fond of this purple pony, Twilight Sparkle, but all of Equestria Knitting's plush ponies are cute as can be. Although the whole herd isn't available in her shop at the moment, she will take orders for custom and request work.

And I suppose, sooner or later, I will have to break down and watch this show. :)

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