Friday, February 17, 2012

Featured Friday: Gabby and Zack

I love wearing T-shirts, but inevitably, I end up with too many of them and have to give some away. That's why I love seeing shops like Gabby and Zack, which take old T-shirts and repurpose them into cute clothes for kids!

At first glance, Gabby and Zack may look like it's primarily just clothes for girls, but there are plenty of T-shirts mixed in with the twirly dresses and skirts. Some of the T-shirts are designed with boys in mind, but I think many of them could be worn by a boy or a girl. There are also items for infants like bibs. Add all of this to a lot of superhero themed items, and you can see why I'm a fan of Gabby and Zack!

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nannyisme said...

It's me - Laurie, Mom to Gabby and Zack. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog today. How fun! Thanks for being a fan and for your purchase! I appreciate you Dawn!