Friday, April 18, 2014

Featured Friday: Empira

Recently, I got a bonus at work and decided to use it on an Etsy shopping spree, buying a bunch of stuff that I've been eyeing for a while. So my Featured Friday posts for a few weeks will be about the sellers who made the stuff that I bought!

Who doesn't want to fly the TARDIS? Or the Millennium Falcon, the Enterprise, or a Nimbus 2000? Or drive Ecto-1 or an AT-AT? If you like geeky things, and want to proclaim your affection on the back of your car, check out Empira. This Bellingham, Washington, based Etsy shop makes these and many more car emblems, as well as fun felt toys, like soft lightsabers--perfect for the kids who want to have lightsaber duels and the parents who want to make sure they aren't hitting each other hard.

Unsurprisingly, I chose the TARDIS emblem for my car. Though my car isn't blue, there are some days when I feel like the trunk might actually be bigger on the inside ...

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