Friday, July 25, 2014

Featured Friday: Satsuma Street

Although most of my crafting time these days is spent crocheting, one of the earliest crafts I remember doing was cross stitch. Maybe my mom felt that I'd be safer with the slightly blunt cross stitch needle than I would have been with a sewing needle; frankly, I'm a little surprised she didn't set me up with plastic canvas and yarn, with a big blunt plastic needle instead. :)

At any rate, it's no real surprise then that I'm a big fan of Satsuma Street. Her cross stitch patterns are for absolutely adorable little designs, and the colors she uses really make them stand out. Of course, one of the lovely things about buying a pattern is that you can always change up the colors to make it fit your style, but Satsuma Street has such a fantastic aesthetic sense that I'd be inclined to stick with her colors if I was cross stitching one of these lovely patterns!

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