Friday, September 5, 2014

Featured Friday: Unicorn Empire Prints

I adore having pop culture references on my T-shirts. If I could get away with it at work, I'd wear one every day. I can't, however, so I have to pick and choose which shirts I buy, lest I end up with an entire drawer of shirts that only get to come out on the weekends.

The shirts at Unicorn Empire Prints rank high on my list of excellent pop culture T-shirts. Not only do they pay homage to some of my favorite things, but they do it in a beautifully artistic way. A shirt like this one, I might actually be able to wear to work on occasion.

Unicorn Empire Prints isn't all T-shirts, either. You can also buy prints, pillows, and even a board game with additional card packs available! All kinds of great stuff for fans of any stripe!